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Submitted on
September 8, 2012
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Is it over yet?
Suffering in bitter agony
I can't remember what was before
All is lost again with tragedy

My insides screaming out so loud
As they sit and watch me drown
Fake smiles plastered all around
As I quietly break down

I merely keep on fighting
I can't go on this way
But I will not stop trying
There's really nothing left to say

I see you here right now
So please keep holding strong
I will make it through
This is not a swan song

Alone again you feel
Well you're not the only one
Scream out your pain with me
They'll know that we aren't done

You can?  You can't?
You think I give a rip?
Please take my hand now
And we'll Just Do It!

And though you've never seen these tears
They've stained this page and filled these words:

If you understand what I have written
Then I know your pain
I wish I could take you away
To a place where Nirvana you could attain

Being righteous is not enough
Though I would try, ceaselessly
What I would give to save us both
That's killing me too easily

I know now that I'm a mess
And I know that I can't save you
But as long I can still carry on
Know that  You can keep going too!
As I said with my last poem I haven't been doing well lately. I think I'm on the verge of another breakdown.
Lately I started thinking about other people who might feel like I do. And, stupid-overly-empathistic me (not sure thats a real word) decided I wanted to help them all!! That's kind of hard when you aren't good with people, don't know who feels this way, and don't know how you'd help them. I'm sorry.
This is the best I can do at this point. I can't save them, or you.
But if you're hope is lost, you are in pain, if you've thought about giving up; Me too. But I'm still going. Not because I have a dream to fight for, or because I have faith that I'll be saved. I'm still going for the sake of it. For another song's melody, for another sunrise, for another laugh with some friends. So, please Keep Going! You're Not Alone! Never Give In!
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for another moment
:hug: I just wanted to give you a hug
i don't think it's the same as a real one,even if i never experienced it;still thanks.
yea its not the same :( im sorry, i wish i could :cries:
i think i like you somehow,you're a good person.
6-9Changeling Sep 8, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
If you need us, Chelsea and I are always here for you. So great, Ace, so brilliantly inspiring!
~ You're not Alone! Never Give In and Never Back Down!
Thanks! and yeah, I'm actually pretty good at the moment though.
6-9Changeling Sep 8, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thats good! But we're always here whenever you need us!
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